Vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, clitorial orgasms—there are so many orgasms to be had! Google it, girl! Now, to complicate things further, there are countless pieces on how to have not just one, but all of these orgasms—AT THE SAME TIME.
Yet, we’re over here in the real world just trying to figure out our bodies, and how communicate to our partners how to touch us in order to get off in the first place. Blended orgasms, huh? Say what?

Before we talk more about what a blended orgasm actually is (and how to have one), allow us first to address the elephant in the room: There are too many articles designed to make women feel “less than”, especially when it comes to sex. Let’s face it, ladies. There is a lot of pressure to have all kinds of Olympian orgasms, all while attending to our partner’s needs over our own. Why not add blended orgasms to the mix, right? Pile on that pressure.

We want to be clear that while Brides is in the business of accurate information and sex positivity, we are not trying to add complexities and unrealistic expectations to your life. We want to encourage you to explore your sexuality and love every minute of it.
It just so happens there are lots of different ways the beautiful, majestic, glorious female body experiences pleasure and orgasm. You should see what works for you and revel in all that divine discovery.

What is a blended orgasm?

Now, you might be up in here thinking: OK. What in the heck in a BLENDED orgasm????!?!?! I just need my clitoris rubbed and I have enough trouble with that.

You’re not alone on that one. Blended orgasm is actually as straightforward as the term sounds: It’s an orgasm that comes from blended pleasure. Meaning: You’re experiencing multiple sensations at once during the time of orgasm. Or, you need multiple forms of stimulation to experience orgasm.

Blended orgasm is usually a blanket term for those who like both internal stimulation as well as external stimulation of the clitoris. See, blended! Most women require external stimulation of the clitoris to experience orgasm. If you orgasm during penetrative sex while stimulating the clitoris with your hands or fingers, you have blended orgasms.

Of course, there’s more!

You may be having blended orgasms already and just haven’t considered it. That’s right! It’s not some ridiculous thing only portrayed in porn.

For instance, if you enjoy external stimulation of the clitoris in tandem with having your nipples pinched or sucked, that is a blended orgasm, too.

It might sound kind of complicated, but it really isn’t. Saying “blended orgasm” is essentially a marketing scheme for women to try to achieve “higher” levels of pleasure and sexual diversity in the sack. But, it’s a tale as old as time.

There are literally too many different kinds of blended orgasms to count. To name a few: Combined anal and clitoral stimulation, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, cervical and clitoral stimulation, nipple and anal stimulation. It goes on and on.

You might only like to have very pinpointed, one-spot stimulation, but you might not. Whatever you enjoy is perfectly normal.

Can you have a blended orgasm?

The answer is, of course, not black and white. Every single body is different and enjoys different things. If you prefer multiple forms of stimulation during sexual play, you’re already having blended orgasms.

Perhaps you’re interested in exploring your sexual threshold further, and that is fabulous too. Try different things and see what works and what doesn’t. You may find a certain kind of stimulation you hadn’t previously considered is the thing you need to take your orgasms from great to AMAZING.

Again, there is no pressure here. Sexual pleasure is not about being able to do sexual acrobatics, where you’re able to have an orgasm with a butt plug in, your cervix stimulated, all while having intercourse.

None of this is meant to make you feel like you need to perform or that what you like in bed isn’t “good enough.” All pleasure is good enough. If you’re having good sex, are loving everything you do in bed, and are happy—keep doing your thing!

By Gigi Engle September 7, 2018